'Can Tah' Primitive Stone Carvings

(Little Gods)

Sculptures of the 'Can Tahs' (little gods). Stone carved figures representing various demonic animal spirits.

These figures were first sculpted in plasticene clay and molded in liquid urethane rubber. A total of 120 replicas (20 each of six designs), were cast in a rigid urethane resin. The scenic painters completed the pieces with the final coloring to mimic rock from the mine.

The three featured Can Tahs were based directly on Stephen King's concept descriptions from the novel. The additional three background Can Tah designs are the result of concepts from the Production Designer (Phil Dagort), Art Director (Jason Weil), Director (Mick Garris), and myself.



Wolf & Snake Can Tah

Recluse & Coyote Can Tah

Cougar & Rat Can Tah

Ram Skull & Snake Can Tah

Bat & Toad Can Tah

Vulture & Scorpion Can Tah


Concept Designs, Molding & Casting Process


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