Pirin Moh Cave

These are detail photos of the sculptures included on the Pirin Moh set. The individual figures were all carved in foam and affixed to the set walls. The plasterers and scenic painters completed the textures and coloring details after the sculptures were positioned and permanently attached.


This first photo set details the main figureheads mounted over the main arch of the Pirin Moh shrine.

The photos below show the overall construction process of the Pirin Moh shrine set (built by the construction crew), including the addition of all foam carved wall figures, rockflow backdrop, and large pillar creatures prior to the final plastering and painting.

These photos detail the carving process of the central shrine vulture figurehead. The vulture head and neck fringe peer out from a smaller arch on the main wall, and loom over a pile of Can Tah stone carvings.

These final images show the foam skull relief carvings added to the trim of the main shrine wall. One skull was carved facing opposite directions, and both were molded in silicone rubber. Expanding foam castings were sprayed, trimmed, and glued onto the wall. The skull reliefs were the last of the details added to the walls prior to final plastering and scenic painting. Several smaller Can Tah figures were mounted along the lower edges of the walls to complete the relief carvings.


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