Updated July, 2015

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Commercial & Industrial projects


Gold Bar NYC

Decorative Architectural Finial

Crowley, Louisiana

A custom architectural reconstruction for a historical 1850's victorian home in Crowley, Louisiana.

Modeled after the original wooden finial, this reproduction is cast in fiberglass and resin.

The original decorative wooden finial was damaged after years of weathering, attack from woodpeckers, and broken into several pieces after being struck by lightning. The wooden remains were pieced back together for measuring and modelling purposes. A clay model was sculpted based on the original dimensions, and molded in silicone rubber. A two-part fiberglass casting was then constructed with an internal support strengthened by resin and fiberglass mesh. The final piece was sanded and primed with heat resistant paint, and finally coated with an industrial grade machine enamel.


Production of Clay Model, Silicone Mold, and Fiberglass Reconstruction

Wooden Finial

Original Wooden Finial

Clay Sculpt

Sculpted Clay Model Finial

Fiberglass Finial

Cast Fiberglass Finial


Clay Sculpt 1

Clay Sculpting Detail

Clay Sculpt 2

Clay Sculpting Detail

Clay Sculpt 3

Clay Sculpting Detail

Silicone Mold

Silicone Mold

Fiberglass Base

Cast Fiberglass


Fiberglass Castings

Fiberglass Primed

Primed Fiberglass

Base 1

Enameled Fiberglass

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