Updated July, 2015

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Commercial & Industrial projects



Gold Bar NYC

Gold Bar NYC

KIHL STUDIOS was contracted to produce 2,500 gold-leafed human skull replicas to adorn the walls of the Gold Bar V.I.P. nightclub in New York City, designed by Robert McKinley.

Gold Bar - New York City, NY

Steve Alten's The Loch, Loch Ness Monster Skull

Loch Ness Monster Skull

Fiberglass skull designed and fabricated as a publicity prop to promote the Steve Alten novel 'The Loch' (Tsunami Books). The skull was sculpted in clay, molded, and cast in fiberglass.

Steve Alten .com

Industry Cycles San Diego

Industry Cycles

In early 2009, KIHL STUDIOS fabricated 250 human skull replicas in various color finishes for use as interior decor at Industry Cycles in San Diego, California.

Industry Cycles - San Diego, CA

Noble Experiment Skull Wall

Noble Experiment Bar

KIHL STUDIOS produced 1,200 Gold-Leafed human skull replicas for interior decor at the Neighborhood Restaurant / Noble Experiment bar in San Diego, California.

Noble Experiment Bar - San Diego, CA

Gold Bar NYC

Architectural Finial

A custom architectural reconstruction for a historical 1850's victorian home in Crowley, Louisiana.

Modeled after the original wooden finial, this reproduction is cast in fiberglass and resin.

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