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Gold Bar NYC

Gold Bar NYC

389 Broome Street, Soho/Chinatown  (212) 274-1568

KIHL STUDIOS was contracted to produce 2,500 gold-leafed human skull replicas to adorn the walls of the Gold Bar V.I.P. nightclub in New York City, designed by Robert McKinley. Skull production and finishing was done on location at the KIHL STUDIOS facility in Arizona. A real human skull was molded in silicone and plaster to create 12 replica molds. The molds were then used to produce 2,500 replica castings in Hydrostone, gold-leafed and clear-sealed. The completed skulls were crated and shipped to New York for installation. Skull production and finishing was completed in November, 2006.

An article on Gold Bar was published in the April 1, 2007 issue of Interior Design Magazine.  Additional press coverage and directions for the Gold Bar, NYC; Grub Street Article, NYC.comNew York Nightlife & Music.


Gold Bar NYC officially opened February, 2007

Roman Catacombs inspired the Gold Bar design theme

Hydrostone cast skulls prior to gold-leafing

Hydrostone cast skulls prior to gold-leafing

Gold-leafed skulls in production at Kihl Studios

Production of the Silicone and Plaster Molds


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