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Brandon Kihl on the set of Stephen King's 'Desperation'

ABC / Touchstone Television (2004)

Brandon Kihl is a self-taught design artist and sculptor, utilizing a variety of media including clay, metal, traditional illustration, digital photography, and computer drafting. In August of 2000, Brandon founded Kihl Studios to produce sculpture and creature design, and to provide custom design and fabrication services for a variety of clients.

Eventually, this led to work in the film & entertainment industry which has since utilized Brandon’s talents and trade skills in a variety of projects and occupations including Production Designer, Art Director, Sculptor, Prop-Builder, Set Builder, Illustrator, Creature Designer, and Special Effects Supervisor. Film production, art design, custom props and fabrication services are now the primary direction for Kihl Studios as an industry resource. 

Brandon maintains residences in Arizona and New Mexico, but resides primarily in Los Angeles. In his free time, he continues to design and sculpt original artwork which is available at select galleries.


Brandon Kihl Resume PDF

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Production Designer / SPFX Supervisor
Suncast Entertainment / Gasmask Films
Few Options, All Bad
Production Designer
Kingswood Productions
Everything Must Go
Additional On-Set Dresser
Temple Hill Entertainment / IM Global
Piranha 3-D
On-Set Dresser / Sculptor
Dimension Films / The Weinstein Company
Production Designer
University of Southern California (USC)
The Land That Time Forgot
Production Designer
Global Asylum Films / SyFy Channel
House of Bones
Production Designer / SPFX Supervisor
Active Entertainment / Bullet Films / SyFy Channel
Unfair and Imbalanced
Production Designer
University of Southern California (USC)
Production Designer / SPFX Supervisor
University of Southern California (USC)
Jeremiah and the Therapist
Production Designer / Creature SPFX
Red Herring Productions
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Production Designer
Global Asylum Films, SyFy Channel
Between Blood and Sand
Production Designer / Associate Producer
University of Southern California (USC)
Allen Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls
Production Designer
Ant Hill Productions / Global Asylum Films
War of the Worlds 2: The Last Wave
Production Designer / SPFX Supervisor
Ant Hill Productions / Global Asylum Films
The 2000 Man
Production Designer
University of Southern California (USC)
100 Million B.C.
Production Designer
Global Asylum Films, SyFy Channel
2012: Doomsday
Production Designer
Faith Films / Global Asylum Films
Something Like a Business
Art Director / Graphic Artist
Up to Parr Productions, Blue Cactus Pictures
Production Designer
Concrete Images, Preston Webb Productions
Jake's Corner
Art Director / Sculptor
Grand Canyon Films
Young Americans (a.k.a. Kids in America)
Standby Carpenter / Prop-Builder
Universal Studios
The Kingdom
Mold-Maker / Prop-Builder / Fabrication
Universal Studios
Roadhouse 2: Last Call
Sculptor / Prop-Builder
L.I.F.T. Productions, Tomorrow Film Corp.
The Gene Generation
Concept Illustrations / Design (Pre-Production)
Middle Link Inc., Ascension Pictures



How to Cheat on Your Wife
Production Designer (Pilot)
Type-O Productions / Fox Television Productions
Funny or Die (Season: 2)
Production Designer (1 Episode)
RZO Management / Hot House Productions / HBO / Funny or Die
Funny or Die (Season: 1)
Art Director (Pilot - 2 Episodes)
RZO Management / Hot House Productions / HBO / Funny or Die
Production Designer (Pilot Episode)
Winston-Davis & Associates / MTV First Look
S.I.S. (Special Investigation Section)
Set Dresser (Pilot Episode)
Sony Studios / Canterbury Productions / Spike TV
Stephen King's 'Desperation'
Sculptor / Mold-Maker / Prop-Builder
ABC Network / Touchstone Television Productions



Strange Dreams
Illustrator / Creature Concept Design
Virus Ivy Productions / Michael Benson Prod.



Day of the Dead Crafts (Collective Artists 2008)
Featured Artist - Skeleton Metal Art
Wiley Press / Cantata Publishing
Creative Minds (Collective Artists 2004)
Featured Artist - Sculpture & Metal Art
Art Slam Press



Neighborhood Restaurant
Skull Replicas Fabrication for Interior Design
Neighborhood, LLC. - San Diego, CA
Industry Cycles
Skull Replicas Fabrication for Interior Design
Industry Cycles - San Diego, CA
'EXTRA' Entertainmet Show
RGB (LED) Remote Stage Lighting Installation
Scenic Route, Inc. / EXTRA TV
2008 Comic Con Trade Show
Spiderman Exhibit. Drafting / Fabrication / Props
Scenic Route, Inc. / Marvel Comics / Activision
Virtual Army Experience (VAE)
Helicopter & HMMWV Simulators / Electrical / Prototyping / Drafting / Lighting / Pneumatics
Scenic Route, Inc. / U.S. Department of the Army
Nokia Trade Show Display
Prototyping / Fabrication / Welding / Electrical
Scenic Route, Inc. / Nokia Corp.
Gold Bar (Club Gold) NYC
Skull Replicas Fabrication for Interior Design
Blue Mosquito Inc. / Robert McKinley (Designer)
Steve Alten's ' The Loch'
Sculptor / Mold-Maker / Publicity Prop Fabrication
Alten Entertainment / Tsunami Books



Production Design / Art Direction
Website Design (Dreamweaver Studio MX / FTP)
Sculpting / Foam Carving / Model-Making
Welding (ARC & MIG) / Plasm Cutting
Mold-Making / Casting / Creature Special Effects
Fiberglass Fabricaion
Prop-Building & Fabrication
Set Design & Construction
Computer Drafting (AutoCAD)
Concrete / General Masonry / Plastering
Digital Photography (Photoshop / Illustrator)
Basic Electrical and Electronics
Water Jet & Plasma Cutter CNC Operation
Scuba-Diving / Volunteer Fire Fighter

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